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In the United States alone, we see a vast range of causes for personal injuries that lead to litigation. Injuries may occur on the road, on the job, or in a variety of other settings. Discover the injury rates, compare between various demographics, and find out what has a tendency to happen when these matters are brought before a court.

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Why Hire an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle accident attorney

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Riding a motorcycle either out of pleasure or necessity is a freeing experience. You can get a better sense of your surroundings, experience the bliss of being closer to nature, and enjoy the wind through your hair on a sunny day. However, in a blink of an eye, you can find yourself involved in an accident, needing an Englewood motorcycle accident attorney to help you through. Even though motorcycles are fun, thrilling, and exhilarating, they can also put you at more of a risk of an accident.


If you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re not sure what to do next, here’s why you need to hire an attorney.


Medical Costs Can Often Be Higher

When you ride a motorcycle, you benefit from the excitement of being more in-tune with your surroundings. However, you have very little also to protect you from these surroundings. When you travel in a car, you have the safety of airbags and a metal frame to stop you taking the full impact of an accident. On a motorcycle, however, you’re at the mercy of whatever obstacles are there during your crash.


Unfortunately, because of the lack of safety components, you will find that general medical costs can be significantly higher. This is often due to injuries being more severe than those of car accident victims. Therefore, if you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s in your best interests to get in touch with an Englewood motorcycle accident attorney. Failure to do so can result in you having to cover all those costs yourself – even if the accident wasn’t your fault.


Settlement Offers Often Aren’t Enough to Cover Expenses

If the driver of the other vehicle is, without a doubt, at fault, they often try to settle out of court. However, often that settlement is meager and not enough to cover your ever-growing costs. If you choose an experienced Englewood motorcycle accident attorney, you have a better chance of getting a favorable settlement deal or fighting for maximum dollar. If you decide to go it alone, you run the risk of coming out of this accident far worse off.


Insurance companies, while there to provide financial backing if you ever find yourself in a crash, look out for their interests more than your own. They will not be willing to be generous with their settlement offer, so finding an attorney who will fight for every cent is going to be your best option.


Lost Wages Cause More of an Impact Than You Think

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have sustained severe injuries, you will most likely require time off work. While initially, this might not be a problem if you’re able to take advantage of holiday pay or sickness pay, it could cause ongoing problems. You may find the pain and discomfort stops you from continuing your employment, or you might run out of money long before you’re able to return. Therefore, hiring an attorney after a motorcycle accident is crucial. Rather than risk not being able to pay your bills and live, you can fight for your worth.


What’s more, lost wages cause more impact than you think if you were to succumb to your injuries. The fatality rate for motorcyclists involved in accidents is far higher than that of car drivers, so let your family fight on your behalf. If you are the breadwinner in your family and you’re involved in a fatal accident, how are they going to survive without you? An experienced Englewood motorcycle accident attorney can fight for your family’s financial future.


Having Someone Experienced Fighting Your Case Gives You Peace of Mind

While you might not want to worry about the hassle of taking your motorcycle accident case to court, you may find it’s in your best interests to do so. What’s more, when you make contact with an experienced attorney, you will see they can do all the work for you. They can fight on your behalf while you recover and will work hard to fight for maximum dollar when you know the other driver is to blame.


Rather than worry about money and dealing with insurance companies, you can put your feet up, focus on your recovery, and let an expert take care of everything.


A motorcycle accident is a severe event and not something in which you ever want to find yourself. However, if you do end up in that unfortunate situation, it’s crucial to be prepared. Hire the best Englewood motorcycle accident attorney and fight for your right for the best settlement possible.


What to Look for in an Englewood Attorney

englewood attorneys

Finding yourself in a situation where you require Englewood attorneys can be exceptionally stressful. You may not be familiar with how the process works, what you need to do, or even how to find the best lawyer for your requirements.


However, when it comes time to make your decision, here’s what to look out for. These attributes are crucial to offering you peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice.


Expertise and Experience

Any attorney, whether they’re in Englewood or further afield, can tell you they’re experienced and know what they’re doing. However, actions speak louder than words. The best Englewood attorney is one that can back up their claims with sound figures and results, and are experienced in every aspect of the law.


Equally as important is sound knowledge in your particular case. If you have been involved in a car crash, motorcycle accident or you’re fighting a personal injury case, having a law firm on your side that knows the ins and outs of the law can help increase your chances of a successful outcome.


Clarity and Transparency

More and more lawyers are choosing to advertise on television, billboards, and even on the radio. However, to capture people’s attention, they offer incentives that seem too good to be true. In many cases, they are. More often than not, you run the genuine risk of having your chosen lawyer overpromising and then underdelivering. The best Englewood attorneys are those who are nothing but honest about their costs, as well as transparent in their expectations.


No lawyer should promise you a win in court, nor should they be dishonest about costs. When you’re looking for Englewood attorneys, always ensure they are upfront about fee agreements as well as what you can realistically expect.


Willingness to go for Top Dollar

There are two types of attorneys in this world: those that work hard to fight for maximum dollar, and those that opt for an early settlement to gain a successful result faster. When you’re trying to find the best Englewood attorneys to manage your case, you want to know that they will work hard to secure the result you desire, without compromising on value.


While early settlement can be beneficial in some cases, it’s not going to work for everyone. A quality attorney will know when you should settle and when you have a solid case to fight for what you’re worth. While the process might take longer, it can be significantly more beneficial in the long run.


Good Feedback for Englewood Attorneys

If you hear whispers in your community about a particular lawyer – and it’s not good news, then pay attention. When you’re trying to find a lawyer who can help manage your legal case, you want to be sure they are the best person, or team, for the job. A little time spent researching can make all the difference in the long run.


To be sure of your choice, you can find out about your lawyer of choice in many avenues. You can request their previous client’s testimonials, or read them on their website, or even search online. Reviewing products and services online has become exceptionally popular in recent years, and attorney reviews are no different. In fact, people now take online reviews as seriously as opinions of their friends and family.


Ask around, use the internet, and find out whether your chosen Englewood attorney is as highly regarded as you believe they are.


No one likes to find themselves in a position where they need to ask for legal help. However, it happens more often than you think. If you’re overwhelmed by the entire legal process and need help creating a convincing case, it might be time to find Englewood attorneys who can help. Take the stress off your own shoulders and let expert teams take care of all the hard work.

5 Warning Signs to Watch out for When Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer

englewood personal injury lawyer

Choosing an Englewood Personal Injury Lawyer

If you find yourself in need of an Englewood personal injury lawyer, it’s crucial not just to pick the first one you see. While the situation might be urgent, it’s critical to spend a little time determining what your requirements are, and what you need your lawyer to be able to do.

Not all Englewood personal injury lawyers are the same and being aware of the pitfalls of choosing one over another is crucial. Here are five warning signs to watch out for when selecting someone to represent your personal injury case.

Aiming For Speed, Not Maximum Settlement

While your aim might be to settle for the most money you can get from your personal injury claim, you need to make sure your Englewood personal injury lawyer is also on the same page. While most lawyers want what is best for you and your case, there are some that aim for a high success rate, early settlement, and fast closure of a case. While this benefits their success, it doesn’t help you.

If there’s every chance you can settle for maximum dollar – even if you have to play the long game – then you need to opt for an Englewood personal injury lawyer who sees the potential as well. While you might get the case over and done with quicker by settling early, you may not be better off.

Lawyers Who Aren’t Specialists In The Field

When you’re looking for an Englewood personal injury lawyer, be sure to take note of the field in which they specialize. Are they personal injury lawyers or are they a lawyer who takes on personal injury cases? There is a difference, and those who are specialists in their field can have far more success putting your case forward for maximum settlement due to their years of experience.

They know how the system works, have a myriad of contacts at their disposal, and even know every clause and loophole that could be to your advantage or detriment. Don’t just choose a lawyer. Choose a personal injury lawyer who makes a living by helping others with cases similar to your own.

Making Untruthful Monetary Claims

When a personal injury lawyer advertises their services to the general public, you can tell a lot about them by how they word their advertising. If they say they can get you x amount of money for your case, it might be best not to consider utilizing their services.

The best Englewood personal injury lawyer is one who fights your case for maximum value but never promises you will receive a specific figure. They instead use their skills and expertise to work the case in the best way they know how, letting the results speak for themselves.

Not Explaining Costs and Fees

The costs and fees associated with the use of a personal injury lawyer can be confusing, but only if that lawyer is not willing to explain how those fees and costs work. Before you get started on your case with a particular lawyer, ask about their structure.

While some lawyers offer a “no success, no fee” policy, known as a contingent fee, that often only means you don’t pay a percentage to them of what you would have gained if you had been successful. You still, however, have to pay for the cost of their time, materials, or the time of field experts. This is payable whether your case is successful or not.

No Track Record

Equally as important as an honest Englewood personal injury lawyer is one who is experienced and capable with a good track record. Talk to people who have used the services of a lawyer before, and visit plenty of law websites to see if they have testimonials or information about their experience. A lawyer that charges a little more but has a higher success rate is going to be more beneficial to you than one that costs less but has little experience.

Don’t be afraid to talk to lawyers about their successes and experience. It’s in your best interests to know as much as you can about an Englewood personal injury lawyer before letting them take on your case.

Selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent your case is not a decision to be made lightly. Take the time to watch out for warning signs and reap the rewards of choosing a lawyer who will treat your case with the accuracy and respect it deserves.

Involved in A Wrongful Death Lawsuit? Here’s What to Expect

wrongful death lawyers

When someone close to you is killed as a result of negligence or misconduct, it can be a challenging time. Not only are you dealing with the unjust and often-sudden death of someone you love, but you must also deal with the financial fall-out as well.

A wrongful death lawsuit may seem like the last thing you feel like taking on, but with the help of experienced wrongful death lawyers, you can get the outcome you desire. Here’s what you can expect when you’re involved in a wrongful death lawsuit.

All Aspects of Wrongful Death Will be Fought For

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially if someone else is at fault for their demise. The job of wrongful death lawyers is to harness that emotion and help you to get financial compensation for the loss of someone dear to you.

While the emotional toll of your loss is high, the financial implications following on from your loved one’s untimely demise can often be equally as high. In fact, in 2010 the cost of lost productivity and life in the United States equated to around one trillion dollars.

The best wrongful death lawyers will ensure that every hardship you face as a result of the negligence of the other party is laid out for the guilty party to see. The goal of which is to gain compensation for funeral expenses, lost benefits and wages, medical costs, and loss of love and companionship. Of course, you can’t put a price on love, but you can see that your family’s wellbeing is taken care of by fighting for what you’re owed.

Quality Representation From Wrongful Death Lawyers

When you’re involved in a wrongful death lawsuit, it’s crucial to search for the best wrongful death lawyers in your area. When you find that lawyer, you can expect only quality representation and nothing less. A wrongful death lawyer’s job is to handle all of the hard work for you so that you can focus on healing with your family at this difficult time.

He or she will walk you through the entire process, take the stress out of the situation, and do all they can to settle for maximum dollar. Having a breadwinner in your family lose their life is a terrible situation, and one made all the more difficult by expensive funeral costs and ongoing living expenses. However, getting the best result can often be determined by the experience and qualifications of the wrongful death lawyer.

Be sure to find out all there is to know about your wrongful death lawyer to ensure you have the very best representation for your case.

Extensive Research and Investigation

Once you’ve chosen wrongful death lawyers, the next phase begins – research and investigation. This is the part where your lawyer will begin to understand the facts of your case in great detail, building a complex and compelling case for a better chance of success.

During this process, your lawyer will speak to experts such as medical and accident examiners, as well as friends, family, and witnesses. The more information your wrongful death lawyer can gather, the stronger your case will be.

The research and investigation stage is also where insurance policies come into play. Your lawyer will request documentation from the defendant to see whether their insurance policy covers such situations. The aim of which is to determine whether any insurance coverage is possible in your case.

The investigation stage is crucial, and while it might seem like a slow process, it’s essential that as much time is taken as necessary to build a strong and robust case.

Pre-lawsuit Negotiations

Depending on the circumstances surrounding wrongful death, your claim may be viable for a lawsuit. However, there is every possibility you may be able to settle early if it’s clear that liability lies with the defendant. As a result, the next stage of the wrongful death lawsuit process is working out your demands.

For some, it can be tricky to put a price tag on your loved ones, but that is where wrongful death lawyers can take control. They can help you to put together a demand package that can help you to settle all debts and fees resulting from your loved one’s death.

If this demand package isn’t accepted, wrongful death lawyers then take the next step by preparing all documentation for a lawsuit. This process is known to take months or even years, but it’s important to understand that the timeline is crucial to settling for maximum dollar.

File Your Complaint

While it can be hard to relive the experience once more, your wrongful death lawyers may now require you to go through the experience again as they prepare your formal document. If negotiations for an early settlement have failed, this document is necessary to gain an answer or a motion for dismissal from the other party. During this process, there can be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, so it’s important to let your lawyer take control. While they do their best to settle the claim as quickly as possible, there is a possibility it may take several months or even years – depending on the severity of the application.

A wrongful death lawsuit is an emotional time for all involved, but wrongful death lawyers can make the process go so much smoother. If you’re ready to fight for your right to compensation, get in touch with experienced and qualified wrongful death lawyers.

When to Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident

car accident lawyer

Even though car accidents are a common occurrence, with a little under six million in the United States in 2015 alone, it doesn’t make it any less scary for the individuals involved. If you’re involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, your mind can often go into panic mode, leaving you to wonder what your next move is.

If you want to know when to hire a car accident lawyer, the answer is almost immediately, and we’ve included the process you will need to follow. Being aware of the steps can make all the difference to your control of the situation directly after a road accident.

1. Call for Emergency Services

Immediately after an accident, it’s crucial that you dial 911 for emergency services. Even if you believe no one is injured, police can take charge of the scene, help direct traffic if required, and take statements for a police report. These might come in handy for when you approach a car accident lawyer to claim maximum damages. Having police at the scene can also help to de-escalate any situation and keep witnesses at the scene you may require in court.

2. Gather Insurance Information

Next to making sure that no one is seriously injured, it’s equally as important to gather all the necessary insurance information from the other driver(s) at the scene. This will include their provider, their names, contact information, and addresses. However, it’s crucial that during this interaction you do not speak directly to their provider or take or lay blame for the accident.

Anything you say during any interaction with an insurance provider, or the other driver, may be used against you in a court setting. It’s best to contact your car accident lawyer for further clarification on this process.

3. Gather Witness Statements

Immediately after an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s a good idea to talk to those who witnessed the crash to get their version of events. You may need to call upon these witnesses and provide their statements in court should your case proceed. The more effective and telling your witness statements are, the higher the chance you can claim for maximum damages. However, don’t forget to get their names, addresses, and contact information to easily contact them again in future.

4. Get All Paperwork in Order

From your ongoing medical reports and insurance company statements (both yours and the other driver’s) to police reports, property damage valuations and photos of the crash scene and damage, it’s crucial to have all of your ducks in a row. All of this information is vital to building a solid case, and without it, you may run the risk of a reduced settlement claim, or your case being thrown out of court.

5. Contact Your Car Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident is an unfortunate situation, especially since they claim the lives of over 37,000 people every year in the United States. By hiring a car accident lawyer, however, the aftermath can be substantially less stressful.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary paperwork, it’s time to contact your lawyer and get your claims process underway. The goal is to settle for maximum damages, and one of the best Denver car accident lawyers can help you achieve just that.

While no one wants to be involved in a car accident, it’s an unfortunate reality of today’s modern world. Following on from a car accident, don’t delay in getting the legal process underway. Your efficiency and haste can make all the difference to the compensation to which you can lay claim.


5 Questions Your Lawyer Will Ask After a Bike Accident

Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer

In 2015, around 45,000 people suffered from injuries and disability as a result of an accident on a bicycle. Nearly a third of these accidents were a result of a collision with a vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are all too common, but did you know that as a cyclist, you are entitled to claim negligence and sue for damages?

There’s no time like the present to enlist the help of an Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer to represent your case. Once you’ve found the right legal representation, here are five questions that he or she may ask.

1. What Insurance Do You Have?

Following on from your bicycle accident, it’s important to sit down with your Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer and discuss the ins and outs of your entitlements. While it might be clear who was to blame, it’s essential that this blame is established, without a doubt, so that insurance companies can cover any associated costs.

Therefore, one of the first courses of action is to find out what insurance you do have. Do you have specific bicycling insurance, as many cyclists do? Or, do you have car insurance? Many people aren’t aware, but depending on your car policy, you may be covered by your car insurance policy. By getting in touch with an Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer, you’re able to work through the many different insurance options, and how to maximize your cash recovery.

2. Did You Speak with The Driver’s Insurance Company?

The mistake many people make at the scene of an accident is either admitting or placing blame or talking directly to the driver’s insurance company. During the early stages, it’s critical to neither place blame, nor accept it. The best course of action is to talk to your Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer and ask them to handle your case on your behalf.

By speaking with the vehicle driver’s insurance company, there’s every possibility what you say can be used against you in court.

 Your statements can significantly affect your settlement amount, and may even see the case thrown out of court. To establish a solid case of negligence, let an experienced law firm take control.

3. Did You Speak to Witnesses and Take Photos?

With over 6.4 million vehicle accidents in 2014 alone, your Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer is well-versed in how a negligence case plays out in court. Therefore, they know how well photos work to back up your claim, and how witness testimonies can prove invaluable to a trial. As a result, one of the first questions they will ask is whether you spoke to any witnesses, and took any photos.

If you don’t require an immediate trip to the hospital, it’s a good idea to get as many photos of the scene and close-up damage as possible. That includes taking pictures of your injuries, and damage to vehicles and your bicycle in the crash.

It’s also critical to get names, addresses and contact information from witnesses who can testify to the events that played out. This reliable evidence can be all it takes to settle a case of negligence for maximum damages.

4. Have You Suffered from Injury, Harm, Loss of Income, or Disability?

If you’re involved in a bicycle accident, your Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer is interested to know what the financial and physical implications were. It’s crucial not to play these down, as the financial burden of an accident can be substantial. If you were injured, disabled, lost income, or suffered from physical or emotional harm, take note. This can all be helpful for settling for maximum dollar.

5. How Can We Claim Negligence?

If you were involved in a bicycle accident through no fault of your own, your Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer will help you to establish a case of negligence. Negligence can seem like a strong term for something that is, in effect, an accident. However, it’s through neglectful actions that this accident occurred.

Your lawyer will discuss the events that led to the accident to determine how the situation could be deemed a case of negligence. It could be anything from a traffic sign or law violation, following too closely, reckless or careless driving, improper or no signaling, illegal lane changes, speeding, or even driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

After a bike accident, your emotions and sense of control can be all over the place. In such a situation, you’re also more likely to make errors. Therefore, it’s crucial that after an accident, you seek advice and counsel from an experienced Englewood Bike Accident Lawyer. Let them take the reigns and open your case of negligence for a higher chance of maximum damages.

5 Questions you NEED to ask When Looking for An Injury Lawyer

Injury lawyer in Englewood

If you find yourself a victim of a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s crucial that you immediately begin looking for an injury lawyer in Englewood. While of course, your initial concern is seeking medical treatment, but who is going to pay for that medical treatment? As a victim of a car accident, it is your right to seek damages for medical bills, pain and suffering and a loss of wages.

The sooner you get the process underway, the better, as memories can fade, eyewitnesses can be challenging to track down, and evidence may be lost. The sooner you find an injury lawyer in Englewood to take on your case for maximum compensation, the better. Here are five questions you should be asking an injury lawyer before you agree to let them take your case.

1. What Does “No Win, No Fee” Really Mean in Injury Lawyer Terms?

Many law firms offer a “no win, no fee” agreement when you consider them to represent you as their injury lawyer in Englewood. For some people, this can be a little tricky to understand. In lawyer terms, this is known as a contingent fee agreement. A contingent fee agreement means that an injury lawyer in Englewood will only recover funds for their time if you, the victim, recover funds from the other party. However, you still pay for expenses pertaining to your case.

Expenses can include anything your injury lawyer in Englewood covered to bring your case together. These expenses might include filing fees, physician report fees, expert witness fees and money paid to court reporters and for medical records. These are costs your injury lawyer initially paid for, which must then be passed onto you. The time your injury lawyer put into your case would only be passed onto you as fees if your case was successful, and this cost is typically between 33 and 40 percent.

2. Can You Give My Case Your All?

When you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Englewood, it’s critical that you find out whether that particular lawyer has the financial and staffing capacity to give your case their all. Your chosen injury lawyer’s aim should always be to give your case 100 percent for maximum compensation, but if they don’t have the skills, funds, or staff capacity to do so, you’re at risk for either losing the case or settling for a figure far less than what you’re owed.

Some cases can be more complicated than others, such as medical malpractice or serious injury against a major corporation, and with their very best legal team on the case, you need to have yours as well.

If your injury lawyer in Englewood isn’t able to involve the right experts in your case to prove without a doubt that your case is worthy of compensation, there’s every possibility you won’t get the desired outcome. What’s more, an injury lawyer without enough funds can cut corners at the expense of your final settlement.

3. Do You Specialize in Injury Law?

One of the most critical questions to ask your injury lawyer in Englewood before you consider utilizing their services is whether they specialize in injury law. There are many highly-skilled lawyers out there, and while they have their finger on the pulse of some areas, they may only dabble in personal injury on the odd occasion. There’s no denying general lawyers are good at what they do but do they know the complexities of personal injury law? For the right outcome for you, it’s always a good idea to find out exactly what the lawyer you’re looking to hire is capable of. How much experience do they have in personal injury law? Can they take your case all the way to trial if necessary?

Insurance companies typically only hire the best injury lawyers around, and if your lawyer isn’t a seasoned specialist, you’re at risk of settling for a smaller claim or losing altogether.

4. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

It’s all too easy to pick the first injury lawyer in Englewood you come across purely because time is of the essence. However, their years of experience can most certainly make a difference to the outcome of your case. Often, less-skilled injury lawyers can charge the same fees as a seasoned lawyer but do not have the experience to back up these fees.

Always opt for an injury lawyer who has many years of legal experience, is skilled in trial advocacy, and can take your case to the very top.

5. How Do I Get Medical Treatment After A Car Accident?

At the time of your accident, it’s essential to receive medical attention as soon as the accident or injury occurs. However, the average person may be a little dubious to do so without truly knowing who will cover those costs. If you are not at fault, the person who is, or their insurance company, is responsible for paying for your medical treatment. Typically, though, you do not see this money upfront. Instead, it’s included as reimbursement in your final settlement. So, in the interim, who covers your costs?

If you have private health insurance, which is recommended for every American, your insurance company will cover the initial costs following on from your accident or injury. Once your claim is settled, they then are entitled to be reimbursed from your settlement.

However, if you don’t have private health insurance, there are other avenues you can go down. Your injury lawyer in Englewood can talk you through the various options, but it might be agreed upon that your care provider agrees to payment upon resolution of your case.

Get The Best Injury Lawyer in Englewood

Choosing the best injury lawyer in Englewood is not a decision to be made with haste, and there are several things you must consider first. When you believe you’ve found the right one, ask them these five questions above. It may just give you the peace of mind you need to know the right injury lawyer is representing your case.

How to Ensure You’re Taking Full Advantage of Your Legal Resources

legal resources

Making the Most of Your Legal Resources

When you find yourself in an accident through no fault of your own, it’s critical that you understand the legal resources you have at your disposal. Even more important is knowing that you have a right to fair compensation if the liable party was found to be negligent.

Did you know that if you are in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can file a claim seeking damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more? If ever there were a more appropriate time to flex your legal muscles, it would be now. 

1. Exchange Contact Information

When you’re at the scene of an accident, it’s crucial to exchange contact information with those involved. Take note of their names, phone numbers, addresses, license plate and driver license numbers, and even information from the passengers. What you shouldn’t exchange, however, is apologies. Never admit fault at the scene of an accident, especially when the exact cause isn’t apparent. Be sure also to gather insurance information as this will all be helpful when you’re collecting all your legal resources.

2. Become a Photographer

When you’re involved in an accident, it’s helpful to become a photographer. Take photos from every angle of your vehicle and have someone photograph you if you’ve been injured and require medical care. As part of your legal resources, these photos will come in helpful should your case move to court. Be sure to have ‘before’ shots of your vehicle as well, as these can help the courts compare the damage to what it should have been before the accident.

3. Talk to Witnesses

Unless you’re in need of an immediate trip to the hospital, it’s a good idea to talk to witnesses. When you’re gathering all your legal resources, you want to have a decent number of witness names and phone numbers that you can call upon later if required. What’s also important is to see whether they’ve seen accidents in that spot before. If they have, there’s reason enough to believe the area itself has liability, and that’s an avenue your legal team can follow up.

4. Hire an Attorney Immediately

Once you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s crucial that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. While the accident and what happened is fresh in your mind – and in the minds of witnesses and victims – you have a better chance of getting the desired outcome. It’s also a good idea to hire the best personal injury lawyer you can find. You will often find that they provide a contingent fee agreement which can make your financial outlay more bearable.

A contingent fee agreement essentially means no win, no fee. You pay for expenses related to the case, but if you lose your case, you will not have to pay for your lawyer’s time. If you do win, and that’s always the goal of a personal injury lawyer, you typically pay between 33 and 40 percent of your compensation to your lawyer.

5. Leave It Up to Your Lawyer

Aside from ensuring you’re keeping paper trails with your medical records and hospital stays, it’s time to leave your case in the capable hands of your personal injury lawyer. Get in touch with your insurance company with your personal injury lawyer present, and discuss what happened at the scene, and let the case take its course.

Your lawyer is trained in fighting for compensation on your behalf, and they will keep you involved in the entire process. Now is the time for you to utilize your legal resources wisely and let your personal injury lawyer do what they do best.