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How to Avoid Bike Accidents

Around 1,000 cyclists annually are killed or gravely injured while on the road, and many more are left with minor injuries. The consequences of a biking accident are both expensive, traumatizing, and can have long-term physical side effects. It’s not only a very dangerous situation but one that could change a lot of different aspects of your life if you’re unable to get access to the help you need.

The best way to avoid financial and physical fallout is by protecting yourself and preventing bike accidents in the first place! Here are 4 simple, but life-saving, steps on how to keep yourself out of the ditch and away from accidents.

4 Ways To Avoid An Accident

First and foremost, safety first. Not everyone likes to follow the rules that are in place to protect you, but it’s always necessary that you do. Anytime that you cut corners or skip a safety step, you’re at risk for an accident.

1.   Don’t bike past 6 pm

Most bike accidents happen between 6 pm and 9 pm, when people are becoming tired from the day, in a hurry to get home, and more distracted as the evening goes on. Plus, with the light declining and the street lamps not yet clicking on, visibility is lower as well.

2.   Do check your bike before each ride

Making sure your brakes work perfectly, the tires are aired, the chains are lubricated and in place, and ensuring that the pedals pull smoothly can be a life-saving habit. If something on your bike decides to fail, it could put you in a dangerous situation, and make you the cause of a crash.

3.   Don’t bike around places with alcohol

Believe it or not, most bike-related accidents have alcohol involved. Biking after 5pm around bars or popular restaurants that serve alcohol could get you into trouble. You also should never try to ride your bicycle if you are not 100% sober.

4.   Do always signal when you turn

When riding your bike, both hands should remain on the handlebars at all times to give you the most control. This rule changes when it’s time to turn. You should always use your hand to signal which way you are turning with plenty of time in advance so everyone around you is aware of your intentions.

What To Do After Getting Into An Accident

If you or someone you’re close with has been in a bicycle accident recently, the first thing you should do is contact a bike accident lawyer in Denver. They can help you get financial compensation for the medical bills, unpaid time off of work, and other forms of reimbursement if the accident was not your fault. They’ll also be capable of helping you prove negligence on the road that caused your accent if you follow all the safety rules and laws.

When your accident is not your fault, it’s important to ensure you pursue justice. By practicing and following cyclist safety laws, you can always have a case to pursue if you are injured in a biking accident.