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How to Fix an Incorrect Police Accident Report?

How to Fix an Incorrect Police Accident Report?

Traffic accidents are stressful by nature, and unfortunately, the stress surrounding an accident can make it very easy for police reports to be recorded incorrectly. Whether the noise in the area makes it difficult for officers to hear verbal reports or the tight reporting timeline causes the reporting officer to rush through drafting the report, mistakes are made.

If you’d like to learn more about how to fix an incorrect police report after an accident, read on. Should you need further help after reading, contact Boyle Law Firm, one of the top car accident law firms in Denver.

What Kind of Errors Occurred?

Going about fixing an incorrect police accident report can depend on the kind of error that you noticed. Some report errors are easier to fix than others, so let’s look at the types of errors that usually happen when police officers collect information about an accident.

  • Omissions: Omitted information refers to pieces of the report that should have been included but were left out for some reason. If your report does not include important facts, an error of omission has occurred.
  • Factual Errors: Factual errors are mistakes made that can very easily be proven. For example, an objective fact might include the year of your vehicle, the type, your insurance coverage, or the intersection where the accident occurred.
  • Transcription Discrepancies: These issues involve what was said when the report was taken. If an officer transcribes spoken information incorrectly, a transcription error occurs. For example, if you said that the other vehicle involved scraped the curb, but the report says that the other car completely jumped the curb, that’s a transcription error.

Disputing the Report

Disputing a factual error is usually the easiest route when it comes to correcting a report. When you can very easily prove that the information recorded was incorrect, you might be able to call for a correction without a lot of effort.

In other cases, like omissions or transcription errors, you might not have the easiest time. It’s worth trying to speak to the officer who recorded the accident report, but if he or she disregards you or otherwise refuses to correct the mistake, you might need legal assistance.

If At First, You Don’t Succeed

After an accident, you should always request a copy of your accident report. Look through the information carefully, and if you notice a mistake, it’s important to have it corrected. Mistakes recorded in accident reports can affect the outcome of your case (if one has been filed), and for the best possible outcome, you’ll want to ensure that everything in the report is accurate.

If you’re unable to have a reporting error corrected on your own, it’s a good idea to contact Denver accident lawyers, like Mr. Boyle at Boyle Law Firm. A car or motorcycle accident attorney will be more than equipped to provide you with advice or assist you in getting a reporting error corrected.