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Type of Bike Accidents That Can Be Grounds for a Legal Case in Denver

Type of Bike Accidents That Can Be Grounds for a Legal Case in Denver

According to Colorado law, bicyclists have the same responsibilities and rights to the road as individuals who drive motorized vehicles. While car and truck drivers are expected to yield to bicyclists, plenty of drivers fail to consider the safety of individuals on bikes simply out of frustration.

The desire to quickly move around a bicyclist can result in bike-involved accidents that can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Colorado’s cyclists are expected to stay as far to the right side of the road as possible, take bike lanes when available, utilize white headlights during dark hours, and signal properly before turning.

Types of Bike Accidents

Though motorists are expected to consider the safety of bicyclists on the road, accidents involving bicyclists occur every year. The most common types of bike accidents include:

  • Riding Against Traffic Accidents
  • Left & Right Crossing Collisions
  • Rear Collisions
  • Right Hook Impacts
  • Vehicles Colliding with Bikes While Overtaking
  • Vehicles Hitting Cyclists with Car Doors
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Intentional/Road Rage Incidents
  • Impact with Pedestrians

While bicycle accidents account for only 2% of Colorado road fatalities yearly, vehicle accidents involving bicycles occur about once a week. This is compared to nearly 70 motor vehicle accidents that occur daily around Denver.

When to Contact a Bike Accident Lawyer in Denver

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If you’ve been involved in a bike accident, you might be wondering whether you need to seek legal support. This can depend to some degree.

Initially, a bicyclist who has been involved in an accident should contact the police in order to have a report recorded and filed. Do not leave the accident scene until you speak to an officer.

While you may feel uninjured initially, the stress of the accident could greatly diminish your perception of pain. You may be seriously injured without knowing if the accident involved a motor vehicle. Symptoms can develop in the days or weeks following an accident, so it’s best to see a doctor right away to determine the extent of your injuries.

Finally, if you’re injured, your bike is damaged, or you’re not entirely sure the other driver will admit fault later on, it may be wise to contact a team of bike accident lawyers. Experienced attorneys can help ensure you get the compensation and treatment you deserve following a bike accident.

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