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When Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury claims include a wide range of accidents and injuries. Although your injuries may not be severe, it’s imperative to call a personal injury lawyer in Denver with any questions regarding your claim. A personal injury attorney can help you understand the claims process and assist you in getting all the coverage you’ll need. Even handling small claims on your own can cause complications in the claims process, so consider consulting a professional regardless. Find out more about when to hire a personal injury lawyer for your claim.

What is considered “personal injury”?

There are many different types of cases classified under “personal injury.” These include:

  • Automotive accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Animal bites
  • Products liability
  • Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents
  • Assault and battery cases
  • Defamation

Navigating through these many case types can be confusing, since subdivisions exist within these categories, as well.

Your personal injury lawyer can help guide you through these processes, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits that you deserve. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to handle these types of cases, including legal issues, investigation steps, and payout.

The severity of your injuries increases over time

You may feel that your injuries are not severe and, therefore, follow-up on your case is not required. However, even small injuries can develop into more severe cases over time. Simple scrapes and bruises from a car accident are just the surface problem, as many automobile accidents often cause long term repercussions. including spinal injuries, ongoing medical bills, and emotional trauma.

Utilizing the help of a personal injury attorney ensures that these ongoing issues are taken care of, eliminating the hassles of acquiring legal representation later on. The two main reasons for consultation are:

Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and suffering refers to the emotional damages you incur from an accident. This can be PTSD, emotional stress, and more. These types of damages may not be covered through your insurance, but they are still valid. A Denver personal injury lawyer will fight for these types of damages that you are entitled to after an accident.

Minor Injuries Turn into Major Injuries

Minor injuries can evolve over time, but if you’ve already agreed to a final payout, these injuries won’t be covered. Your personal injury lawyer can advise you on when the right time is to accept an offer, often after your minor injuries have evolved. This guarantees that you receive the complete payout that you are due.

The payout from insurance doesn’t cover everything

Your main goal after an accident is to recover as much of the damages as possible through compensation. Unfortunately, your insurance company’s goals don’t match yours. The primary goal of insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible. This helps keep premiums low for other customers overall, but may not benefit you fully at the time of accident. However, your personal injury lawyer’s main goal is the same as yours — and they will recover as much as possible, from medical bills to property damage.