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Who Should Consider Bad Faith Insurance?

Who Should Consider Bad Faith Insurance?
Insurance is a concept we are all familiar with in at least one, but likely more, aspect of our lives. Insurance is something you purchase to protect against the possibility of damage coming to you or your property. You’re paying the insurance company to be there for you and pay your fees while the insurance company is hoping that does not happen, employing algorithms to figure out who is most likely to need insurance at some point. The process works as an agreed upon deal.

Sometimes, the insurer breaks their end of the deal. Insurance is a for-profit industry which means they, ultimately, are hoping to not have to pay when you file an insurance claim. For that reason, there are many tactics and loopholes they employ to make sure that they pay as little as possible when you start filing claims. These practices can be deceptive and hidden while maintaining dubious legality. This is all in an effort to deny your claim when you file one.

One of the first tactics insurers will employ is purposeful misinterpretation of their own policy language. It benefits you to read through the language around your policy carefully and be on the lookout for any ways in which it can be interpreted differently. Insurance companies will also implement unreasonable and unjustified delays for paying or even resort to abusive tactics to avoid paying the money. If you suspect any of this, it’s time to look into bad faith insurance and an attorney.

Disputes with the insurance company are particularly complicated and lengthy. The insurance company is good at keeping its money, that’s what it’s still in business. It also employees a lot of lawyers specifically for bad faith lawsuits. Many times you can find yourself paying more as you are responsible for legal fees and forced to settle out of court for less than you’re owed. That’s where a bad faith insurance attorney can help.

Examples of bad faith practices you can sue for include:

  • Failure to promptly investigate your claim
  • Unnecessary delay on the payment of your claim
  • Lack of communication regularly on a claim status
  • Deceptively and purposefully misrepresenting and misinterpreting the terms of a policy
  • Denying a claw without valid reason.

It’s important to know you don’t need to have definitive proof to start the process of talking to a lawyer about a potential bad faith lawsuit. It’s important to move quickly and remember that your insurance company has lawyers, this isn’t new to them, so you need to put as much in your corner as you possibly can to ensure that you get the money you’re owed on your claim.

That’s where we come in. Boyle Law Firm is a bad faith insurance company in Denver that handles lawsuits in Englewood and we do it well. We want to make sure you get the money for the claim you’re owed and want to hold insurance companies accountable for shady and illegal practices.