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Why You Need Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Denver?

Why You Need Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Denver

While pedestrian crashes in Colorado are tragic, sadly, they are not as uncommon as you may think. In 2021 alone, 92 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. Across the nation, about 5,000 pedestrians die, and about 70,000 are injured in traffic accidents every year. If you are one of the many pedestrians who were harmed in a traffic accident, you need a pedestrian lawyer like us at Boyle Law Firm.

Seeking an Attorney

You may experience life-changing damages after being involved in a traffic crash as a pedestrian, which is exactly why you need an accident lawyer. A pedestrian accident attorney in Denver can assist you in receiving the settlement you are owed.

Here are a few other reasons why it’s necessary to seek an attorney after a pedestrian traffic accident:


They can help determine fault.

Drivers and pedestrians alike are responsible for paying attention to the road and exercising the right amount of care. If you are found to be at fault, whether you were jaywalking or looking at your phone while crossing the street, you may be denied compensation. But if the driver was speeding or looking at their own phone, they may share the fault. It’s up to an attorney to help determine the level of fault that you and the driver hold

They can determine damages.

Some damages, like medical bills and lost wages, are easy to calculate. But having a lawyer in Denver on your side can help determine the amount you receive for pain and suffering incurred from the accident. They can also help you avoid getting ripped off if an insurance company offers a low payout. They will fight for you to receive the full amount of what you are owed.

They can act as a mediator.

Attorneys know how to talk to insurance companies – they know what to say and what language to avoid. They can shoulder the stress of speaking with insurers so you can focus on healing.

They can help you move forward.

A Denver pedestrian accident attorney understands when to settle and when to sue. They also understand the statute of limitations and know how to create a strategy to get the compensation you deserve. They will not let an insurance company bully or fast-talk you out of what you are owed.

The Best Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Denver

Being involved in a pedestrian accident impacts your life in a major way. Contact our team at Boyle Law Firm, and we can help you secure a settlement that will get your life back on track.