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What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Personal injury is a wide topic under which a lot of hurts fall under. It may surprise you to find out that the injury you sustained could technically qualify for compensation under a personal injury law. Many people miss this opportunity each year as they let medical malpractice, slip & falls, and car accident injuries go. Personal injury is varied and complex.

It’s not always bodily injury, that’s something important to remember. Personal injury can be something that happens without physical injury as well as something that puts you in a cast or out of work. Also keep in a mind that you’re not only owed compensation for physical pain and medical bills, but lost wages and general pain and suffering that accompanies these situations.

Slip & Fall

This is one of the most common forms of personal injury. They can occur when you fall, whether from a wet floor or debris or something else that caused you to fall, and you received an injury as a result. If the property owner was aware of the danger and did not properly warn you of the apparent danger, then they’re liable to pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering that resulted from the injury.

Dog Bites

If you were bitten by a dog, even if it’s the first time the dog has bitten someone, you may be owed for it. Each state has different rules on dog bites, how many times a dog may be forgiven for bites, and when the state will seek to euthanize the dog if it’s found dangerous. But if you are bitten and require medical attention as a result, you may be owed compensation from the dog owner.


Many people don’t realize that their reputation is protected under personal injury law. If someone spreads slander about you that results in significant consequences — loss of job, eviction, etc. — then you may have yourself a personal injury lawsuit despite having no bodily injury.

Car Accidents

Beyond the damage done to your car, if you were injured in any way or sought any form of medical attention after a car accident then you may be eligible to seek compensation under personal injury law. You may also be able to seek compensation for any lost wages that occur if you find yourself unable to work.

Talking to a lawyer can help you better understand your rights and options under personal injury law. When looking for a personal injury attorney in Denver, look to Boyle Law Firm for questions, concerns or a free consultation appointment today.